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The main reason why Smart Hotel Automation System is essential is that it enhances users' experience and improves management. These systems use internet of things connected devices to enable the property management to offer service tailored to guest needs. Starting from the efficient and fast internet connectivity, customizable room environment, and the user of an automated environment makes smart hotel rooms thrill any guest who visits your hotel room.

However, you should ask yourself the type of smart hotel system you need to satisfy the needs of your team and that of your guests. Below are some options you can consider when opting for intelligent hotel automation. 

Smart Entertainment and Environmental Controls

Upholding your reputation in the hospitality industry is one way of securing the future of your hotel. Also, it is essential to understand that the amenities available in your hotel contribute to the guest's overall rating. Therefore, you can liaise with Esmart Property to install the best smart environmental control to fill your customer's needs fully.

So, the first thing you look at is allowing guests to have personalized control over lighting, room temperature, and window blind. Secondly, enable the guest to use IoT so they can easily access centralized smart systems. Lastly, all the IoT you've installed in your intelligent hotel rooms should be compatible with guest devices like tablets or smartphones. 

Intelligent and Interactive Maps

For a hotel located in a large area and with multiple rooms, guests may find it challenging to navigate through. However, creating innovative & interactive maps is one way to make your guest happy. Instead of walking around asking for a restaurant location, your customers will be able to view this information on an intelligent map.

This is one of the best Smart Hotel Automation Systems that displays reception desk location and checkout time. With Augmented reality, guests can also point in a given direction and find out more information or rooms in that surrounding. 

Use of intelligent data collection forms

With the data, it's easy to know if your hotel is making progress or whether it's still stagnant. However, getting this kind of data isn't always easy because people who respond to questions or interviews tend to be biased at times. On the other hand, Smart Hotel Automation System is much more than a system that offers smart services.

You can obtain anonymous data on how guests interact with the amenities you've included in your hotel. Information you can gather anonymously includes 

  • Frequently watched movies
  • Popular radio stations
  • Average room temperatures preferred by guest
  • Average checkout time


Enhanced connectivity

Poor service delivery is what you can do when you don't want your hotel to thrive. When looking at major review sites such as TripAdvisor or, you'll realize that some customers offer low ratings with negative reviews. Well, negative reviews are caused by poor service delivery. Therefore, Hotel management has to develop a way to connect with their guests to offer what's best for the guest.

But with Smart Hotel Automation System, you can create an app that allows guests to choose and order the services they like most. Moreover, the intelligent hotel app will enable them to review your benefits to know where you aren't doing well. With happy guests in your Smart Hotel, there will always be an improvement on your RIO. 

Adding Voice-ready Technology

Why should a hotel be referred to as a smart hotel when a guest has to manually move from their bedroom to open the door? Smart Hotel Automation System has two main things to archive; improve guests' experience and enhance hotel management. Today, many people are using Voice-ready technology in their homes, such as Alexa, Siri, and Amazon Echo.

For example, one can give a voice command, and the system will execute it. Incorporating voice-ready technology in your hotel allows guests to change room temperature, open/close doors, switch on the TV, or change window blind simply by issuing a voice command. Also, the most advanced Smart Hotel Automation System with Voice-ready Technology will allow customers to create unique customizations, including playlists and TV channels. 

Smart Energy Control system

Whenever you opt for the best Smart Hotel Automation System, you must always ensure that it comes with an intelligent energy control system. These can include smart meters, smart outlets, and sensors. When the room isn't occupied, these systems can dim the light or set the room temperature to a given standard. Also, when there is natural light to illuminate the room, these systems help control the bulb lights.

With the smart meter, hoteliers can obtain real-time data on how the enemy is used with the hotel. However, the system can generate a report that can be used for planning and decision-making in the future. Lastly, an intelligent energy management system will save you from paying substantial monthly electric bills. 



Incorporating these ideas can transform your hotel into an adequate smart hotel. However, installing all these systems is never easy, so dealing with a professional company is advantageous. Esmart Property has been serving clients for a long, and we have enough experience to create the best Smart Hotel Automation System that will meet all your business needs. 


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