How much hoteliers are dependent on staff for saving energy bills

when it comes to energy consumption, then the hotel staffs have a more significant role to play. However, many hotel management sometimes incurs more significant electric bills due to the hotel staff's negligence. Unfortunately, this kind of hotel will still have to rely on the very staff to control energy consumption if they do not install a smart electric management system.

There are so many activities taking place within the hotel that require the use of energy. That's why the hotel management will always rely on the hotelier to save electric bills. 


In most cases, many hotels function day and night in which they have to serve customers living in the guest room. One thing the hotel staff should be doing is to ensure the guests get everything they deserve. With inadequate service provision, the hotel may get negative reviews, which may negatively affect it.

So, when it comes to electric management, you'll realize that sometimes bulbs are left on even during the day. Such a simple mistake causes the hotel management's fortunes. The case is different when it comes to intelligent buildings as the lights can be controlled automatically. 

Heating And Hot Water 

as much as a guest is supposed to receive fair treatment, regulating the nature of service they receive can be useful to your business and them too. In many hotels, almost 59% of electric energy is spent on heating. When staff leaves the heating machine running even during hot hours, lots of electricity will be wasted.

However, smart hotels with smart electric meters can help you detect the areas that consume lots of energy. When you have this information, you can look for the best solution to reduce electricity bills. 


As much as many hoteliers rely on staff, mistakes often take place at the catering departments. So, instead of loading electric equipment to their capacity, some staff load them half or quarter way. A task that could have consumed 0.2units will consume double the number. 

Human is prone to error; at the time, the staff can also forget to switch off the machine when it's out of use. therefore, installing the best IoT Solutions by Esmart can help you to have the best Electric management system 


If you are concerned about the compelling ways your staff can help you save electricity bills, you should also focus on maintenance service. All appliances within your hotel that aren't working can result in wastage of electricity. Bulbs that aren't producing an efficient amount of light need to be replaced to ensure your guests get the best rooms.

Do you want to know how to reduce electricity bill in your hotel? The first step involves maintenance of your equipment so they can perform best and last longer.


For a long time now, we have put too much weight on our staff who sometimes get exhausted. Many hotel managers have realized that they can use a smart energy management system to perfect the quality of service while also saving on electricity bills. Esmart can provide you with the best IoT connected device for your firm.


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